The new online casino VIP experience

The words ‘Very Important Person’ may bring anything from a dignitary to an A-list celebrity to mind; but online casinos are now offering a special VIP experience which is within the grasp of regular players.

We all like to receive little perks, bonuses and special treatment and casinos are clueing in to this as a way of rewarding loyal players and making their gaming experience more enjoyable.

What are the casino VIP perks?

Much like loyalty schemes say for a supermarket or high street chain, the perks on offer will vary between casinos. Most good UK casinos offer a VIP experience, with rewards on offer including things like bonus spins and extra playtime.

There are also a range of rewards on offer such as weekly cashback, 24 hour access to an account manager, and tickets to a range of events such as concerts or poker tournaments.

How do I become a casino VIP?

Gaining VIP status also varies between casinos, so make sure you read their website to find out how to join. In some casinos, enrolment is automatic once you’re depositing a certain amount of money each month; for others you would be invited to join the scheme.

What’s the catch?

Online casino VIP schemes are a type of loyalty scheme. Casinos are big business and most are willing to offer perks to keep your custom. As VIP status is usually based on the amount deposited per month, it generally keeps players investing in one casino rather than spreading out deposits over a number of sites. This is the loyalty that the casinos are willing to reward you for.

Is it worth it?

If you’re a keen online player, the VIP schemes can offer some great perks to make play more enjoyable and help fund your initial games. Most sites have a page explaining all the rules and requirements which is essential reading to make sure you understand how all the bonuses and wagering requirements will work.