Virtual Reality: A Whole New World is Coming

Virtual Reality or VR has come a long way from the initial era of look-around-you with a cardboard box and your phone. Now aided by sensors, you can actually interact with and move around in the VR environment. The VR graphics or 3D video images will also react to you as you move or gesture.
VR will also go much further in the near future. Imagine playing games with a group of people from across the world using fully immersive multiplayer VR technology. Gaming, as well as teaching and training, can be done in VR. Many tech companies are exploring and developing projects in these areas.

VR equipment you will need

To start using VR, you will need a headset for the visual part of the VR experience. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR offer headsets. You will also need a dedicated computer to allow you to move around the virtual environment. Connections between the headset and the PC can be wired or wireless. In order to pick up or manipulate objects in the virtual world, you will need a controller or a “wand”. The VR system tracks the locations of the controllers that appear in the virtual space exactly where they are in the real world. In addition, more touch controllers will be available in the near future.

Currently available VR games

Each VR company puts out great games to highlight their platform. Oculus Rift has Stormland, which is an adventure game, Echo Combat, a shooter game, and Lone Echo 2, a zero-G adventure game, among others. On the other hand, HTC showcases several games such as Blade and Sorcery, Blunt Force, and Shadow Legend. PlayStation VR games include Ghost Giant, a family adventure game, Borderlands 2, a treasure quest, and Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, an air combat simulation. Virtual reality games come in many genres and are available for all ages. They range from single person to multi-player games, and the internet allows playing with other players worldwide.